Friday, July 10, 2015

Hi my Otaku virtual friends! I'm bored because our school was suspended due to a storm and I can't do anything so I wrote a one shot for Akashi Seijuro... ENJOY!

Third Person's POV

You just transferred to the prestige Rakuzan High school but not because you wanted to, because your parents forced you to. You sighed as you start walking inside the school gates. As you walk everyone in your line of view is either talking about you or staring at you. "Well who in the crazy mind would want to transfer in the middle of the 2nd term?" you thought as you made your way to the principal's office. You knocked twice and heard a faint voice allowing you to come in.

"Good morning ma'am. I'm (Last name/ First name), please to meet you." You bowed and smiled warmly at her. She told you your schedule and where your locker is located. You thanked her and went to your locker since you still have time to spare before your first period.

You reach your locker and entered the code. You placed your books and sighed knowing that you will not have a good time in this school. You place a mirror and stared at your (two different eye color) eyes and (hair color) hair. You then looked at your schedule and took the books of your first 2 subjects.

You went to faculty and talked to your first subject teacher. Both of you went to your classroom, 1-1 A. The teacher lets you stay outside and calm the class down first. You hear your last name and entered inside. "I'm (Last name/ First name) please to meet you." you said and bowed 90 degrees. You then looked around and saw a seat next to a guy who had red hair. You then saw him playing shogi and yet your sensei didn't do anything. You then asked your sensei to where you would seat.

"Oh, you can seat behind Akashi-san. Akashi-san can you please raise your hand so that (Last name)-san can see you." the boy with red head. You nod and made your way to your seat. You nod at Akashi who just looked at you and sat behind him. You just shrugged and sat at your seat. You even disregarded the fact that everyone is either talking about you or staring at you with glares.

You then looked at the board and in 5 minutes of staring you had looked at the wall to your right. In boredom you take out your schedule and looked at your day.

Schedule for the whole year

8:00-9:00 Math
9:00-10:00 English
10:00-10:30 BREAK
10:30-11:30 P.E.
11:30-12:30 Geography
12:30-1:00 LUNCH
1:00-2:00 Science
2:00-3:00 Japanese
3:00-5:00 Club Activities

You then stared at the CLUB ACTIVITIES and remembered that you need to visit the student council to apply to a club. You then sighed AGAIN and daydreamed about a book you have just finished.

Time Skip>> Break

You looked around at the room seeing everyone going out to the canteen or somewhere else to eat their break. You took out your sandwich and ate silently. You look forward and saw yet the red head who was still playing shogi. You stood up and went around him sitting at the chair in front of him. Akashi noticed you and looked up. "What do you want?" he said as he moved his shogi piece in front of you.

"Can you accompany me to the student council room? Sensei told me to get a form for the club I want to join." You bluntly said as you bit the last square piece of your sandwich. You stood up and threw the paper rawp across the room and in the trash can. Akashi looked at you once more and open his bag. He took out a piece of paper and gave it to you. "Sign it up and give it to me until tomorrow. I'll be giving that to the council."

"Akashi-san, you should say to me that your the president of the student council." You said while scanning the paper.

"I would but I predicted that you already knew." he simply said and went back to playing shogi.

You smiled and sat down behind him filling up the form while sipping the juice box that had accompanied your sandwich.

"Here you go Mr. President." You said as you give him the paper. He scanned it and was about to say something when the bell had sounded and your classmates enter the room. Akashi disregarded his thought and returned to playing his shogi.

Time Skip >> Lunch

Everyone was now rushing to the canteen to get their lunch. You on the other hand took out your lunch and sat in front of Akashi facing his way by turning both the table and the chair around. Akashi looked at you and then back at his board. "You're not going to eat?" you asked as you munch on a tonkatsu. He looked at you again and sighed knowing that you would go through his things and make him eat. Akashi takes out his lunch and eats it as he takes a move. You then stare at the board and took a piece from your side and moved it. "You can play shogi?" Akashi asked you and you just smirked.

You both kept playing until the bell rung. You placed the seat back and sat behind him once again. "(First name) meet me at the first gym after school." he said as the teacher for science entered. You then nod knowing he knows what you just did.

Time Skip >> Club Activities

Akashi exited the room in a flash leaving you to wonder where would the gym be. You walk outside roaming through the corridors looking for the gym. You then stop as you hear a single ball bouncing and shoes squeaking. You follow the sound and ended up seeing Akashi and 4 more people playing basketball. Akashi had the ball and shot a three pointer.

You then knocked at the opened door gaining everyone's attention. "Akashi-san, you were 1.6 seconds late on the release of the ball." You said as you went inside. Akashi smirked and dragged you in the middle. He gathered everyone and made you both stand in front.

"From now on (Last name/ First name) will be our manager. Both the coach and I have approved and no one will disagree." Akashi announced and dismissed them.

He then drag you to a bench where you saw a shogi with the pieces placed on where you both stopped playing. "I believe we have a game to finish." Akashi said as both of you sat down and played.

Time Skip >> After the shogi game

"I won Mr. Emperor."You stated as you place the last piece in front of Akashi's king. You smiled at him and ran around the court stopping everyone by shouting "I won against Akashi!" and resulting Akashi to run after you. "(First name) GET BACK HERE!" he shouted as both of you ran laughing.

"Sei-chan has matured." One of the regulars said and everyone who had heard him nodded.

So thats it! Hope ya'll enjoy it. PEACE!

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